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Aspac Floral Foam Company Limited -- Your One-stop sources of floral foam products!

Welcome to ASPAC Floral Foam Company Limited --Your One-stop sources of floral foam products!!! Aspac Floral Foam Co., Ltd incorporated in Hong Kong aimed to be a highly specialized company dealing in the production and supply of quality floral foam for the worldwide market. ASPACTM manufactures a wide range of phenolic and polyurethane foams for the floral and horticulture industries. Our product line includes: Wet foam for fresh cut flower arrangements Dry foam ( polyurethane /PU foam) for artificial / dry floral designs Growing medium for propagation Orthopedic foam for cast replication of foot impression. Established in 1995, ASPACTM had built a enviable reputation for quality , service and value for money. Within a decade, Aspac Floral Foam Co., Ltd has grown from a regional floral foam producer into one of the worlds leading floral foam maker & supplier. ASPACTM's mission is driven by a simple driven force --- To be the preeminent global floral foam maker and supplier. Today, Aspac Floral Foam Co., Ltd is the largest floral foam maker in the Asia Pacific region with its production plant located in Dongguan, China. The plant occupies 400, 000 square meter and presently exporting to over 50 countries worldwide , including Asia Pacific, Middle East, USA and Europe. AspacTM Floral Foam is produced by using Continuous Foaming Method (CFM) . (CFM - the foaming method is fully computerized on an auto conveyor-belt process system) . The newest and latest scientific technological standards set to ensure consistent foam quality, meeting stringent international standard and global certificate and demand expectations..ASPACTM's corporate philosophy is what we stand for and practice, which are : We endeavour to keep our promise to maintain ¡¥Best Quality, Best Price and Customer Satisfaction¡¦ as we are your one-stop source of floral foam products and we will constantly supply you with high quality floral foam at very reasonable prices. Smithers-Oasis is the leading manufacturer of foam products for the floral and horticulture industries. Our company' innovative roots trace back to 1954 with the invention of water-absorbing foam that revolutionized floral design OASIS Brand Floral Foam. Today, we proudly serve the floral, home crafter and commercial greenhouse grower markets by offering the most trusted name in foam products. And, with operating units in over 20 countries, the OASIS?brand name has become known around the world for quality and consistency.

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