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Quest: the journey within... by Joseph Marcus Harris (Book) in Poetry

Quest: the journey within... by Joseph Marcus Harris (Book) in Poetry : From New York to New Orleans, a huge transition in geography. Then add the traveling passage from boy to man, respectively, you're throwing in unique character and taste. This was before Katrina, 9/11, and any events thereafter, where the world was simply plain, where when we thought of terrorist, action movies came to mind. So I encounter challenges, different habits, ways and styles of living, beliefs that was far from my upbringing. Imagine being in an environment where everything that was a part of you, your history, values, etc, was mostly insignificant to your surrounding, of no avail to the current way of life that is before you, other than a few books and calculators. The people are different, dating is different, even worship service has it own spice of difference. So you have to take a history marked void, research the values and principles that mean the most to you, and re-establish a foundation to build a future from. At this point you are all alone, and suddenly you began your Quest

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